How do you handle customer shipping errors and undelivered packages?

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 Over the last few months, we are seeing a lot more cases where:

-  customer enters the wrong address. Sometimes they notice it before their order ships and notifies us, others it goes to the incorrect place. (Sometimes it gets returned,  other times it disappears.) 

when it comes back undeliverable, we eat the shipping cost and resend to the new location. When it disappears, we’ve been eating the cost and sending them another to their new locale. (It was one a month at tops, but has gotten out of hand).

Q -I’ve used the suggested address option since day one.  (Start typing address and it gives suggestions/auto completes ). Are you guys using this?  Ultimately trying to determine if we’re better off not auto-populating options. I feel like it’s going to happen regardless or we’ll lose orders because people are too lazy to complete, but may give it a try. 
Q. In cases where the customer enters the wrong Shipping info and the shipment says “delivered”, how do you handle this? Obviously we can tell them we’re sorry but they entered the place, it is what it is, but expect chargebacks galore and complaints on bbb and fb.  maybe worth it at this point. 

The other issue we are seeing a lot more of is people saying they never received the package  when tracking shows delivered. How are you handling this?  We’ve been telling them they need to open a case with the post office (lost stolen or whatever the PO tells them to file) and that if they do this and furnish it to us we’ll send another one.  Sometimes the package magically appears (used to be at least 50% of the cases after they bitched about having to open a case.  Lately, getting more where they open a case and we eat it and send another.  
- obviously can make folks sign for packages but this costs more and many get pissed because they aren’t home and want it left. 
- is there app that gives them option to sign for delivery that we could flag?


Curious for those doing fairly high volume of orders if your seeing uptick and how you handle it. 

I’m thinking that raising prices across the board to offset these costs is the likely answer, (have held the line even through the pandemic, but to the point that we either need to bump pricing or push back and not send replacements/charge for wrong address shipping, but gut tells me this is a lost cause. 

any advice/suggestions appreciated from seasoned shop owners. 

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I use Address Validator Plus from the app store, if it thinks the address is wrong it offers another suggestion to the customer they can select. Pays for itself in that it prevents quite a few address errors. However, in my experience, unbelievably some people will still click OK to the wrong address, so it will reduce the problem but not eliminate it.

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