How do you handle mobile payments with POS?

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I was wondering how y'all handle accepting Venmo and other-mobile-cash-payment-application payments with your POS terminal? I have manual payment methods with my handles set up for customers ordering online, but when someone is at our store here is what I run into:

-Checkout customer in-person at POS terminal. Customer wants to use a venmo-type-payment BUT the only checkout options I have are: card reader, manual card entry, cash, or mark unpaid. My manual payment methods I have set up in shopify do not appear on my POS terminal. This leaves me 2 options as far as I can figure out:

1. mark unpaid and the order continues to show as Unpaid in our order history forever. The customer's receipt also shows unpaid leading to problems down the line. I cannot mark unpaid then go to my online shopify and mark it as a manual payment method if the order originates at my POS terminal - I can only choose cash or run card.

2.mark as cash at the register when we receive payment notification. BUT this throws off our register count at the end of the day AND doesn't account for the fee I pay venmo and venmo-type-mobile-payment-apps for processing that payment.

Either way I end up doing a lot of complicated accounting on the back end to capture the fees, manually adjust missing cash counts, or manually add to my net sales, sales tax collection, and discount count. PLEASE TELL ME I'M JUST REALLY SLOW AND THERE IS A VERY OBVIOUS WAY TO SOLVE THIS. Thank you so much!!

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I have this same issue & it causes a lot of bookkeeping headaches. I'd love to see venmo & paypal added as a payment option for POS transactions.