How do you require item A and B to be purchased together?

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Hello All,

I'd like to see about setting requirements for items in my store.  Basically customers would be required to buy item A with item B.  At the moment you can just buy them singly and I don't want customers to be able to go through check out without one or the other.  They would be required to both.  I've been digging and digging and I don't see this an option.

Thank you in advanced.


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If you have Shopify Plus, you might be able to add some custom logic in checkout to prevent buying only one.

If you don't have Shopify Plus, I would create a bundle product, so instead of the individual products just have 1 product that includes both.

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Hi! I’m curious to know if you figured out how to set this up as I am trying to do the same but can’t seem to figure out how. 

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Were you able to figure this out?

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Unfortunately no i haven’t

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Hi @ymelton ,


We have implemented the similar feature please refer to the below video to check the flow



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