How does rental inventory get tracked back into the system

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Hello! This is my first time building a shopify app, so am looking for suggestions / inputs to get it right.

The store is -

1) A rental store with fixed period (10 days) of renting an item (Am using IzyRent app for it)

2) There's an annual membership user fee (Am using Bold memberships app for it)

3) Since it's a rental app, there will be 2-way shipping involved (1 to the customer and 2 back from customer)

4) I have not tied up any shipping app at this point (I have to research which one I need to use, suggestions welcome)

Question -

How does the inventory system work? Do I have to manually set a product as "available" in shopify inventory when it gets back from the customer? 

Is there any app / support for setting a product as "available" based on UPS return tracking? 

Typically, how is this set up? I am looking for suggestions around this area.

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Shopify Partner
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You’ll need an app to add the concept of ‘availability’ to the store. I’d love to give you a demo of Supercycle if you’d be open to that?