How does the Shopify transaction fee work with refunds?

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The question is twofold. 1.) When I cancel an order through Shopify and refund the customer, does Shopify credit back my transaction fee that it charged? 2.) If I give a partial refund through Stripe (or any payment gateway), does Shopify charge the transaction fee for the entire order, or the adjusted total after refund?
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Great question! Would like to know the answer as well
Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi Jonathan and Seth, It's a good question and something we get asked often. Whenever you cancel a transaction, Shopify automatically marks the transaction fee as disputed and removes the charge. If the order is cancelled after you've been billed, you'll receive a credit on your next invoice. An example may be an order is placed in August and you need to refund the customer in late September. You will likely have been invoiced for this transaction fee already, so once the order is cancelled we'll credit the transaction fee to your next invoice. As for partial refunds, you'll see a full refund on the transaction fee. I hope that helps clarify some of the mystery, but if have any other questions let us know!
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Recently, we received 4 high risk international order, we refund to the customer, but Shopify still charge the transaction fee. We did not get refund for the transaction fee.

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I have questions about the Shopify payout.

I have a order $519.83 before we'd to ship out. The customer wanted to cancel and refund. Then we canceled her order and refund 519.83. But why Shopify charged me 20.87 for credit card transaction fee+shopify fee. Since the order was canceled and refund to customer. I didn't get any payment from this order.

Why they charged me the shopify fee and credit card fee?