How in the whole world can this issue not being solved after 7 years ? Shopify wake up please

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I found discussions backed in 2013 about this issue, and it's still not resolved.

It would take litterally 5 minutes for a developer to fix the issue I'm going to describe in shopify, or add an option to decide which way it should work in settings - checkout.
Instead, shopify make us lose millions of customers around the world due to this really stupid way of calculating shipping and discounts.

So, in my store, like probably 80% of stores worldwise, we offer free shipping for orders over 49.

Customers buy 49$ worth of products, go to the checkout and apply a discount, lets say of 5$. 
Now their total is 44$, and shopify stupidly calculate the shipping rate now, so adds 6,50$ of shipping.
This should be done BEFORE!! you don't have to calculate the shipping rate AFTER discount is applied, but BEFORE !!

Every store in the world works this way, litterally EVERY STORE on this planet calculate the shipping rate BEFORE the discount code is applied.

The customers end up PAYING MORE USING A DISCOUNT than without using it, and this is absolutely insane and ridicuolus. It looks like a joke to me !

I can't explain the frustration and the terrible user experience that many of our customers are having. We are constantly getting email about this issue and there is no **bleep** way to fix or solve this.


Shipping rate MUST BE calculated WITHOUT including the discount codes applied ! How in the world is this not a future in a 100B dollar company like shopify?

And if someone is fine with this way, why not just let us decide with an option in settings ? 

What can I do to make shopify understand they need to fix this now? Do you want me to take a flight and come to US to your offices ? or maybe send a twitter to Tobias ? 

The code is so easy to add that it's totally beyong my mind why you haven't done it yet !

PLEASE is gonna be 2021 in two days. Add this functionality, is a no brainer !


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Still losing between 50 and 100 sales a month just cause shopify does not fix this mess. 
Any news about it ?