How is the order of payment options determined?

How is the order of payment options determined?

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Hi there

I understand that payment options order can't be changed, but how is the order determined and how is the default determined? 

Currently in my store Afterpay is the default. I only have two payment options. If I remove Afterpay and make my 3rd party credit card payment option the only option and then add Afterpay back will that make the credit card payment the default?


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I want to say that it's based on what the most used payment gateways are, across the entire Shopify platform (ie. Shopify is guessing the most likely payment gateways to be used, and then lists those first) ... but that's just a guess on my end (I don't know for sure). 


I don't think it'll make a difference to remove and then re-add ... but let me know if I'm wrong! 🙂

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