How long is "normal" before you make your first sale?

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I'm just curious how long does it takes before you convert your visitors into customers? Days, weeks?....
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I think there are many in the same boat. I've had sales, but of course, not as many as I would like. It's tough in the beginning, because most new stores are just that, NEW. You really have to work hard to build traffic to the site to gain awareness, and of course, very important, build up a company reputation. For niche marketed products out there (like myself), I would suggest looking outside the internet for advertising. Perhaps looking at a well known magazine and possibly placing a small ad. I.E. Jacquelyn's site is all about Wedding there a popular wedding magazine you can advertise in? Are there popular blogger's out there in your area who might reco your product? Perhaps you might want to blog yourself? Look at related industry professionals as well, is there anyone you can connect with in the wedding industry to help get your name out? I won't say I know all the answers as I'm still working on building traffic to my site as well. However, with that said, I wouldn't entirely rely on the internet to build your business. Is there somewhere else you can sell your goods as well? Trade show, wedding show, something geared towards your market, which I would suspect is Female 24-39 yrs of age. (engaged ones that is). Those types of things are your mass market and will help to build more awareness. Good luck! (and as a favour, please 'like us' on facebook if you like our product) :)
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I think it also depends on what you've done before you have launched your site. For example, I launched my site 2 days ago and I made a sale on my first day. But that was because prior to opening shop, I worked on getting subscribers to my newsletter. Of course, my first customer was someone who subscribed to the site. If you have google analytics installed as well, you can take a deeper look to see what your highest exit pages are and try to figure out why people are leaving. I would also suggest looking at sites for similar products, competitors, to see how their product pages are laid out. Look at the information they provide, pricing, images. Good luck!
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Hello hope you can help me 

my store has been up for a week now and had over 400 visits to my store and had no sales at all is this normal and you can check my store if you like ok 

from Selby 


any advice will be good ASAP 

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Hi Shelby, how is your store doing now? Have you made any sales since?




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Im about 3 to 4 weeks in traffic is about 1400 now. Im in the top 11% of traffic of people who started when i did. Always have facebood ad running. Load up market place daily. Worry a bit about pricing am above 50% mark up on some things. Cause i just started repricing from what my dropshipping priced things at. Please check out  and let me know what you think and any advice. Thanks

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I’m curious as well my store has been up for three weeks even advertised it to Facebook friends , I have traffic but Facebook and Google is being stubborn saying I don’t meet there guidelines it’s really slowing me down I came up with my own unique logo for north islanders and just hoping that this traffic will turn into sales I’m tweaking it constantly and trying any advice no sales yet but decent traffic as well I have a drone one which is