How many of you are getting unsolicited messages?

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I'm sick of the influx of unsolicited spams from "seo experts" "shopify experts" "ecommerce professionals"


All message channels you integrate are full of these, whatsapp, facebook, anyone else getting these?

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This usually happens if you have emails or phones exposed as plain text on your website. 99 per cent of these messages are automated which means that bots are crawling your website for emails and/or phone numbers, or they are using your forms without reCAPTCHA to send messages. Secure your forms with reCAPTCHA and don't have any plain emails and phone numbers exposed and the messages should reduce. Just keep in mind that you're probably already appear in Shopify merchants lists selling online, so it won't be possible to get rid of these entirely.

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yeah i had bots as well, but these are people, super annoying 

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I get these messages everyday since i started my shop.. every time i post on social media there is someone mailing me about “improving my store”.. pls don’t fall for these and get yourself a shopify expert that YOU have contacted.