How much should I charge for Klaviyo Reviews integration?

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Hi there, 


A client is interested in setting up Klaviyo Reviews. I haven't done this before and curious what would be the work load and cost for this integration (including styling everything to match their site design). 


Appreciate some input!

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There isn't a fixed market price for integrating and customizing Klaviyo Reviews, as costs can vary widely depending on specific client needs and the complexity of the design. A practical approach is to set an hourly rate that reflects your skills and experience. Estimate the total hours the project might take, considering all tasks from setup to customization and testing. This method ensures you are compensated fairly for your time, especially if design changes are needed later on. It's also advisable to discuss potential ongoing support with your client, which can be structured either as part of the initial project or as a separate maintenance agreement.

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Like another user already mentioned, it will depend on the complexity of the design and amount of time required. Online you can find freelancers offering this service for around $200-300 but it could run up to thousands of dollars depending on the business and their needs.

Your best bet is to determine what your time is worth. If it is going to take you 12 hours to complete then decide what that amount of time is worth to you, and charge that. A major consideration will be what quality of work you think you can deliver. Since it is something you have never done before, it may be best to charge on the lower end of your price range. It's always best to over deliver for the price than provide something not up to the standards expected. That way the client comes back to you when they need help on their next project.


and make sure your clear and upfront with the client about price, time-frame, and the scope of the project.

Best of luck!

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