How Much They Will Pay Me, While Placing The Order #2

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How do I use the line item property feature to get the payment details from my customers when they are submitting their recipes files on a Recipe Request Form while Adding fields for recipe name, ingredients, instructions, and any other relevant details without using any products? And if your wondering what my business is:I will be making the food and giving them to the customers, and before I get paid, I just need them to know that the dishes will be made for either pickup or delivery, but I also want them for me to send me a file of any recipe (or meal) they can think of. From any country, appetizer, entrée, or dessert, I would be happy to make any of them. But I can only do one at a time and sometimes I can do multi-tasking, and even though I'm only a cook and not a chef, I'm still willing to take a chance. And yes, the recipe will be displayed on my website.

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