How profitable your shopify stores are on google ads vs Facebook Ads ?

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I would like to know which advertising options work best for any online Shopify ecommerce stores, is it google ads or Facebook ads , which one is more feasible ?


Can we make our online Shopify stores profitable just from google ads because I have seen many post and  community forums where in people are showing their screenshots showing 6 figures and 7 figures sales. 


I also came across many post that FB ads works better than google ads . 


I would request fellow forum members to please shed some light to my above mentioned query. 


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Last year I was selling mass market items and I found the quality of traffic from Facebook was significantly higher. I got conversions from Facebook ads whereas I don't think I had a single continue to checkout from Google ads visitors. 

For more niche items however I could see google making more sense as you can target those with much higher intent and at lower cost in niches using low cost keywords.

Now in terms of converting all that traffic, A/B testing is a MUST. One of our first customers have seen an almost doubling in conversion rates just by testing new product descriptions. It's free so try it out today and I guarantee you'll be happy you did 🙂

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