How should I customize my site?

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Hey guys, I'm new to shopify still and I'm trying to work the kinks out. I understand mistakes are inevitable, but I don't want to do anything that kills my site. I'm switching from Wix and would love that same level of customization or similar but It's hard to tap into with Shopify. 


I've seen people recommend Gem Pages. How do you all feel? Any other good alternatives? I'm selling clothes by the way. 

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GemPages is a popular choice for advanced customization in Shopify. Other alternatives include PageFly and Shogun. Assess your specific customization needs and explore demos or trials to find the best fit for your clothing store.

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Wix to Shopify can be a bit challenging, especially when you're used to the level of customization that Wix offers. However, there are several tools and apps that can help you achieve a similar, if not better, level of customization on Shopify. Here are some recommendations, including GemPages, PageFly, LayoutHub, Zeno Page Builder.

  • GemPages offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, making it easy to customize your Shopify store without any coding knowledge.
  • Similar to GemPages, PageFly offers a powerful drag-and-drop editor with a wide range of customization options.
  • Another robust drag-and-drop page builder with a focus on performance and SEO.

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It's a challenging transition as Shopify and Wix are not made with the same philosophy.

We like to use Instant Builder by Instant Commerce (around 39 bucks a month)


Shogun is also a really good builder.

And if you're looking for a cheaper yet suitable alternative I can suggest LayoutHub

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