How to access Gift Sub-Categories in Shopify App Store?

How to access Gift Sub-Categories in Shopify App Store?

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I've noticed something peculiar while browsing the Shopify App Store. I noticed that Shopify recently updated the categories in the App Store. When I navigate to the Gifts section under Marketing and Conversion, it opens a page filled with various apps, but it does not display the subcategories of Gift.




However, I've observed that when I click on a random app within this section, there are subcategories like "Gift Cards" or "Gifts - Other" associated with the app.











My question is: why don't these subcategories appear directly under the Gifts section like other categories do? Wouldn't it make more sense to click on Gifts and then be presented with a page that has subcategories such as Gift Cards and Gifts - Other? This structure would seem more intuitive and help users find specific types of gift-related apps more easily.


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To access Gift Sub-Categories in the Shopify App Store, go to the App Store, use the search bar to type "gift," and then refine your search results by selecting relevant sub-categories from the filters on the left-hand side.