How to access local development theme editor

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I am running CLI

shopify theme dev

to preview of my development theme, but I would like to customise the homepage with theme editor and preview the new homepage arrangement before publishing it. 

I understand you could 




shopify theme share




to upload the theme and access the theme editor there.


But, the workflow doesn't look right for me, as I would like to customise the homepage, edit and preview it locally before publishing.

Perhaps I have missed the info, but how can I access development theme editor, and customise the settings to preview locally?


Or the right workflow to preview the theme with the dataset in place, without repeating publish or committing code.


Thank you

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When you run the command:

shopify theme dev

... you get an output that indicates success, and there are a few options:


  • Preview your theme
  • Next steps

Under Next steps you get the following link Customize your theme at the theme editor. Click on this link, and it will allow you to use the theme editor while running dev mode in the background. You just don't get HMR. When you make a change in your code, just reload the page.