How to add a digital product and a physical product to a permanent link

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I would like to create one permalink both for a digital subscription product (setup through Appstle) and a physical product. I want the two of them to be in one permalink so my customers can checkout both products in one go. The two of them have to be purchased together because they are part of a program. The physical product should only be paid once and have it delivered to them. What happens is the customer will be charged for the physical's price + the subscription 1st month price in the checkout and will be charged in the upcoming months for the subscription only.


I can't add the digital subscription product (Appstle) in the permalink. It always displays this error message:



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Hi @NataliaHB 


I think you don't need an APP to create URL for adding items to the cart in a single click.








For more detail please refer to the below URL


Note: However, subscription variants can be tricky as they are not the part of Shopify variant.



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