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How to add custom dimensions to each individual product?

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My store sells clothing items, each with varying dimensions but all made from one fabric type. How do I use templates to achieve the same 'care instructions' collapsible tab , but different 'dimensions' collapsible tab for every product?



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Hi @annhy98 

You can check this instruction to create templates for each product

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Hi @annhy98,

Instead of using collapsible tabs with different dimensions for each product, consider an alternative approach to display and assign dimensions effortlessly by using the Easify Product Options app (which offers a Free plan 🤗).

This app enables you to create clickable links. When clicked, a popup displaying the dimensions of your product appears on each product page. Essentially, this ensures that the relevant dimensions are readily accessible on every product page.

Here's a brief guide on setting it up:

  • Create an option set:



  • Add the "Modal" option type and configure it according to your preferences. You can include dimensions as text or images in the popup.






  • Select the product to which you want to add the dimensions:




  • Repeat the process to create dimensions for other products (you can use the duplicate option set function or bulk import).
  • Check the results:





The app is extremely user-friendly and doesn't require any coding. Give it a try 🙌!

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Hi @annhy98 


Please try the below video



Hope this will help...

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Hello @annhy98 ,


Metafields is only an option to do this.

Enable  metafields for the products -> Assign value in each product -> lastly call the metafields.   




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