How to add customized text field in the product page?

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Hello.. So I am trying to see if anyone out there was able to figure out how to add customized text field in the product page. I already have the customize drop down menu:: one (none $0) and the other (customize +$5).

So what I need help in is:: when I click on (customize +$5), how can I add a text box that would pop up in order to insert a customized word? Is there a free code out there that I can pop in? Would appreciate any help! Thanks!

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Hi @Bakisisters 

Please have a look at this tutorial: Product Pages - Get Customization Information For Products
This will allow your customers to add the custom text. In the Shopify order admin, you will see the text entered.

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Thanks.. will try it out!

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@AvadaCommerce I followed this tutorial and successful implemented the code.  I am able to type in custom text on the products that I want.  But that text is lost moving forward.  There is no record of the text in the cart or after the order is placed.  Can you assist with this?

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Hi @Bakisisters,

I'm curious to know how you resolved your issue. Additionally, I have a suggestion that might help you and other members in the future. Consider using the free Easify Product Options app. It's a user-friendly solution for creating custom options and showing/ hiding certain options as you want 🤗.


Here's a quick demonstration of how you can set it up:

  • Add a Dropdown option with two values: "None ($0)" and "Customize (+$5)."



  • Add a Text Box or Text Area option so customers can enter a customized word.



  • Set up Conditional Logic to display the Text Box option only when customers select the "Customize" value from the dropdown.




  • Assign these custom options to your relevant products.



Furthermore, regarding the Dropdown, considering that you only have 2 options available, namely "None" and "Customize," I recommend exploring alternative option types that may be more suitable. Options like Checkbox or Switch could be considered instead of a Dropdown.




That's it! It's a straightforward process that takes just a few minutes. Give the app a try now and see the difference it can make 🙌!

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@Bakisisters I created a video to show how you can add extra custom product fields without any app. Please watch it here and let me know if it helps.

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Hi @Bakisisters watch @KabirDev comment to easily integrate custom text fields into your Shopify product.