How to add/edit DMARC Tags to update store email?

How to add/edit DMARC Tags to update store email?

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I have been searching high and low to determine how to change my store email. Currently, my email is set to use my google email and when I go to settings > notifications it shows that customers will see the email as


Now I've watched videos where it shows that you need to verify that your domain is DMARC approved and my domain has been verified. 


I watched a video that showed going in and changing the TXT. However, I don't have this option. When I'm in the notification settings, I don't have the three dots or any links to help me. It just says "Recipients will see your email as For better brand recognition, use an email with a custom domain."


I can't figure out how to change it. Any help would be great!!


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Check DNS Setting use these tools like MXToolsbox to verify your DNS setting for SPF and DKIM are correctly configured

After making changes be patient because it takes 48 hours to propagate.