How to add email markups for order notifications

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Hi Shopify Experts,


Please help me add order details (email markups) to my Shopify order notification email templates. My Shopify account is not doing it by default.


I have a attached a screenshot of a different store below for reference. It would be great if you can share the detailed steps with me as I'm a lay man.




Thanks in advance.

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To add the email: {{ }} 


If you don't mean email by whatever " order details (email markups) " is you need to drastically improve how your describing it.


There are many existing topics in the forums you can research for showing most simple properties displays in notification templates.


If you need this customization done for you then contact me by my email for services.
Contact info in forum signature.
ALWAYS please provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail in ALL correspondence.

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@Zatura try the following once: Hope this will be helpfull.


To customize your Shopify order notification emails and add specific order details, follow these steps:

1. **Access Shopify Admin:**
Log in to your Shopify admin panel.

2. **Navigate to Notification Settings:**
- From your Shopify admin, go to "Settings."
- Select "Notifications" or "Notifications > Order notifications."

3. Choose Notification Template:
- You'll see various notification templates like "Order Confirmation," "Shipping Confirmation," etc. Choose the email template you want to modify (e.g., "Order Confirmation").

4. Edit Email Template:
- Click on the template you selected to edit it.
- Within the email editor, locate the section where you want to add order details. This could be the body of the email or any specific section where you want to include order information.
- Use Shopify's Liquid markup language to include order details dynamically. For example, you can use variables like `{{ }}` to display the customer's email or `{{ }}` to display the order name or number.

5. Save Changes:
- After making the necessary changes to the email template, ensure to save your modifications.

6. Preview and Test:
- Preview the email template to see how it looks with the added order details.
- Place a test order on your store to ensure that the order notification email includes the desired order details as expected.

Remember, while editing the email template, be cautious not to modify any critical parts of the code that could affect the functionality of the email or break the template layout.

If you are not comfortable with editing the code directly, you might want to consider hiring a Shopify expert or developer who can assist you in customizing the email templates to include the specific order details you require. Additionally, Shopify's support documentation and community forums can provide further guidance on editing email templates using Liquid markup.

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