How to add Google Reviews to Shopify store

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Hi, I've created an external app to bulk import Google reviews and integrate them into the Shopify store. Take a look at this preview:


Shopify + Wally (1).png


Paid Shopify apps like Okendo or Loox offer a monthly subscription to use their service, but I added a free plan that keeps all your reviews forever until you request to remove them. Of course, it has some limitations like displaying branding, which can help attract new users and let you use the app for free. You can remove these limitations by getting lifetime access to the app, not paying monthly rent!


Steps to add Google reviews to your Shopify store:

  1. Log in to Wally.

  2. Find your business on Google Maps and copy the page URL.

  3. Paste this page URL into Wally and click import.

  4. Edit and approve reviews. Yup, you can filter negative reviews! All reviews are already verified and include the original link, so your visitors can validate them.

  5. Design the widget to match your store branding.

  6. Edit your Shopify page and add a "Custom Liquid" block.

  7. Copy-paste the embed code from Wally into the "Custom Liquid".

  8. Save changes and preview the result!

👌 That's it! In a few simple steps, you've added Google reviews to the store.

Kirill from Wally
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