How to add HTML code to homepage?

How to add HTML code to homepage?

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Hi, I'm trying to add this HTML code (site-map) to my Dawn theme.

Does anyone know how I can implement it onto my homepage?


I used this site to make the site-map code that I want to add to my home page


Any help is greatly appreciated 😄

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This is the code I got from the site. Not sure where to put it though:


<!-- Image Map Generated by -->
<img src="LIVELEAKSTAR MENU.gif" usemap="#image-map">

<map name="image-map">
<area target="" alt="SHOP" title="SHOP" href="" coords="406,918,51,657" shape="rect">
<area target="" alt="PLAY" title="PLAY" href="" coords="457,472,128,219" shape="0">
<area target="" alt="SUBMIT" title="SUBMIT" href="" coords="958,941,606,658" shape="0">
<area target="" alt="FORUM" title="FORUM" href="" coords="887,325,640,133" shape="0">
<area target="" alt="LOADING" title="LOADING" href="" coords="884,585,640,403" shape="0">

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I understand you are looking to add HTML code in your Home Page.

You can add the HTML code in your Home Page liquid file with the following steps -:

1. Open your Theme Editor and click on 'Snippets' section

2. Next, Click on 'Add a new snippet' and liquid file name

3. Once the file name added, copy & paste the code

[Make sure you have added correct code]

4. Now add the snippet file in them.liquid file, where you are looking to display the output of HTML code like this and save.

I hope these steps help you.

Thank you.

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I followed all your steps but it still does not seem to be working at all. I greatly appreciate all your help though, thank you 😄