How to add optional insurance at checkout?

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We are looking for help adding an option at checkout.


When a customer purchases a product (we sell high value goods) we would like there to be an additional box for them to tick if they would like to pay £10 more for courier insurance. Can anyone help add this to out checkout?

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Hi @UKBiker,

To enhance your customer's decision-making process, consider presenting courier insurance as a product page upsell rather than waiting until the checkout phase 🤗. This makes it easier for customers to evaluate and accept your offer, as it's more likely to catch their attention at this stage. If you decide to go ahead with this approach, you can effortlessly integrate the courier insurance option using Easify Product Options:

  • Begin by setting up a new option set:



  • Add a checkbox to display the courier insurance option, and set the price at £10.



  • Select the relevant product(s) where you wish to offer this option, and you're all set:



The app is extremely user-friendly, you should give it a try 🙌. If you encounter any challenges during setup, just let me know or reach out to the Easify team via the in-app live chat for assistance.

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I work for an Insurance Company and would like to know more about the option to sell insurances to the many owners of Shopify-stores to allow us to sell insurances along with their products as an option.

Can you help? @EasifyApps-Zoe