How to add prices to Shopify's packing slip??

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I have tried to add the price variable to shopify's packing slip template and it is still not working. The default template only shows a thumbnail and the quantity. I'm surprised it doesn't show price - all the packing slips I've received from other retailers show the price. How in the world do we make the price show up? I've searched the forums and no one has been able to do it. And I don't want to use the Order Printer app which is what someone suggested.

Thanks for any help.

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Hi Shelton

Unfortunately it is not possible to add the price of a line item to the packing slip template.

You can see a list of the liquid objects available on the template here and as you can see these are the only line items properties that one can access on that template:

line_item.image - The product's image, if one exists.

line_item.title - The product name. If the product has multiple variants, then the variant name is also included.

line_item.variant_title - The product variant name.

line_item.vendor - The product vendor.

line_item.sku - The product's SKU.

line_item.quantity - The total quantity for that product.

line_item.shipping_quantity - The quantity of that product that is being fulfilled in the shipment. - The product properties.

I don't know the reason behind this limitation, but this is the reason why adding the variable to template did not work (the variable is not exposed to the line item object)

The only way to do this is to use an app

Let me know is this helps!

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I have used this Shopify app "Order Printer" for printing invoices and packing slips. It is free and you can customise it.

For example, I added a Promo 10% discount code,  off next purchase at the bottom of the packing slip. In the last year it has had a 10% uptake and a great way to get repeat customers.

Have a look and see if it suits you. 

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Thank you! This helped me!