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how to adjust position add to cart ?

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Along these lines, I'm a learner at Shopify, and in the previous not many days I've been scanning for an answer for my concern. I previously turned upward on the Shopify docs, yet didn't discover an answer.

Along these lines, I need to know whether it is conceivable to:

1. Offer the Cart made on my Shopify store session with my own WordPress site. As it were, I need to see similar Cart things on the evergreen Shopify store and on my WordPress site all the while. On the off chance that I add or evacuate any Item to the Cart on the Shopify store, this change must refresh the WordPress Cart and the other way around.

* While selling pellet smokers Already took a stab at utilizing the Buy Button, however it makes another Cart on the WordPress site, not the same as the one on Shopify. Likewise, didn't see anything with respect to Carts on the Admin and Storefront API.

2. Offer the same client login session between my WP and Shopify. Thus, I envision that I'm utilizing Storefront API to validate my Shopify clients on my WP site. On my WordPress site, a few connections will lead my clients to the Shopify site, and afterward, they would need to log in again on Shopify - with similar certifications. Is it conceivable to send the client access_token that I have gotten on my WordPress site through the Storefront API, to my Shopify so I physically verify the client with the Token, and the client would not have to login once more?!

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