How to apply a selected font to body in settings_schema.json?

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So I have defined schema for typography, in which i want to select font for body. 
So I have defined schema, in settings_schema.json file




        "name": "typography",
        "settings": [
                "type": "font_picker",
                "label": "Body font",
                "id": "Body_font",
                "default": "poppins_n4"



and I have stored this fonts in one variable and applied that to body,h1 to h6,p and a tag.
I have written in style.scss.liquid file



$body_font: {{ settings.Body_font }};

    background_color: $bg_color;
    color: $text_color;
    font-size: 24px;
    font-family: $body_font;
    font-style: normal;
    font-family: $body_font;


now, in theme editor it shows that you have selected poppins font like this 



but when I open store this font has not been applied to body. and I inspected it shows font-family: fontDrop. so what is it?? I think it is error regarding loading the fonts. but I have refreshed page like hundreds of times and also cleared browser cache.



Please solve it.

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'font' is an object in shopify schema, you have to use 'family', it should be like this:

more information here:

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Having the same issue and no solution. Did you get any solution?