How to apply conditional discounts for specific product combinations?

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Hello everybody,


My customer wants to implement a discount if you have an X and Y product, if you have 1 X and 1 Y the discount is applied.

No discount if 2X or 2Y, the discount only has to apply when there is only 1X and 1Y.

Any app or suggestion? Thanks!

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@0xKoller You want to implement Buy One Get One or want to create any 2 product and then apply a discount?

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I want to give the customer a discount if he adds to the cart a top and a pair of leggings.

If those 2 items are in the cart, the discount is applied.

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Hello @0xKoller ,

I understand you are looking for a solution, for applying conditional discounts.

I believe you are looking to provide a discount - Buy 1 Get 1 discount, as the terms 1X and 1Y, do not define the discount terms clearly.

However, the below-mentioned app can assist you in providing a conditional discount.


Kindly take a look.

I hope the app helps you.

Please share if you need any further assistance.

Thank you.

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The terms would be, if you have in the cart a top and a pair of leggings, the discount is applied.

But only in that combination.

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Hi 0xKoller,


If you're looking for a way to apply conditional automatic discounts for specific products, then try our app, Regios Automatic Discounts (4.8 stars, Built for Shopify).


Here's a screenshot of how you can set this up in our advanced logic builder:




In order to get the exact number of a specific product in the cart, you'll need to use the "Variable to assign" setting of our "If these products are in the cart" condition:




This way, you can add a "Compare this number" condition that checks if the count of each (stored in the variable you assigned) is exactly 1.


As you can see in this screenshot, the discount applies when exactly 1 of each product is in the cart:





If you have any questions about this, just reply, and I'll be happy to help.




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Hi @0xKoller , you can achieve this exactly as you mentioned with our pop-up builder app, "Bevy Design." The app has many triggers and targeting tools to enhance user experience and effectiveness. 


You can effortlessly target specific products (X & Y) and set up a discount campaign to display whenever a customer adds these two products to their cart. You can even set multiple rules.  A greeting pop-up can be shown to customers to notify them that they've received a discount, which will be automatically applied at checkout.


The app has built-in support, so you can get assistance immediately while creating your campaign. Additionally, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.


Link of the app - Shopify App Store

For additional information, visit our website: Bevy Design

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