How to assign multiple skus to a single product?

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I'm not aware of a way to designate alternate skus, or aliases, for a single product.


Shopify support doesn't have a clear workaround for products that utilize multiple skus on different sales channels, such as Amazon FBA vs FBM. Amazon allows both sku variations to be linked with the same ASIN, so we have both 'sku' and 'sku-fbm' being fed to Shopify. The same is true with warehouse operations filtering out old sku versions with the new skus ('sku' vs 'N_sku'). The result is multiple skus related to a single product. 

Creating variations will offer public-facing options to customers, which we don't want, and limiting sales channels for duplicate products will make inventory tracking impossible. 

Is anyone ware of a workaround, allowing alias skus to be associated with the original sku, similar to the functionality in ShipStation? Thanks in advance. 

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You could use metafields. Just search "product metafields" in the Shopify app store.


That would allow you to provide custom extra information for skus.


Or if you need to have the product created in Shopify, for inventory tracking or something, you could create the duplicate product, with the new sku, then have that not show to customers.


If those don't work, consider analyzing your logistics and how you organize your products, and see if there may be a better way to do that (this would be good to do with at least 1 other person, so you can bounce ideas back and forth).

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