How to automate an email only if the customer buys the same items twice+ with the same color?

How to automate an email only if the customer buys the same items twice+ with the same color?

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I have a store that sells clothing. In it I bundle some items (the same item just multiple colors). The customer chooses 2 or 3 colors of the same item and saves money. Maybe 5-10% of the time the customer accidentally places an order for the same item in the same color. And they don't notice. Sometimes it's on purpose, which is fine, but usually it's a mistake.


Is it possible to detect these orders and if so send an automated email to them right away asking them to doublecheck? Usually it's an error and we have to go through the whole exchange process. 


Thank you

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When I ran a store we did something similar using Klaviyo. I would contact whatever email marketing software you're using and ask them how to create an automated email for those situations.


If you don't have an email marketing software yet, or are wanting staff to investigate the order before email the customer, you can use Order Automator to identify duplicate skus in an order then tag the order + trigger a staff notification. Aside from the standard app features, it's customizable so you can likely modify to however you want to utilize the automation.


Another idea, that would probably be the most efficient, is to add some JavaScript code in your theme that confirms there are no duplicates, at the time they click the add to cart button.


Here are instructions you can share with your web developer if you want to go the theme side route:

1. Add a script that has an event listener on the add to cart button

2. When the button is clicked, check to see if there are duplicates

3. If yes, show a popup asking to confirm that you want a duplicate of X item

4. If user clicks Yes, then trigger the normal add to cart action

5. If user clicks No, close the popup so they can edit the order


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Thank you Joe for the help. Much appreciated 🙂