How to automatically add personalization upcharge to cart in a crafting website?

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I have a question that I have been unable to locate an answer for.  My wife has a crafting website where select products she offers with custom personalization.  I have already created the text boxes and drop down menus for this.  I even coded it to where you click a check mark box and it will only then show the personalization options.  A few of things....


1st, I have already created a separate products template for the customized products. 2nd, it's been several years since I have done html coding and can't remember how you default a check mark box to always be unchecked when the page is loaded.  3rd, I have setup a specific product ID for the upcharge already.


What I am looking for is when someone clicks the checkmark box, and they click add to cart, it will automatically add the upcharge product ID along with the product.  I know from computer programming that I had taken many moons ago, that I simply need some kind of an if statement with the add to cart button.  For example, if the personalization checkmark is clicked, then add product to cart plus personalization upcharge product ID #, else only add product to cart.


Doing it this way, if my wife does a price change for the upcharge, we are relating it to updating the product "upcharge" easily, vs having to look in the coding. 


But, for the life of me, I can't figure out the if and else statements that I need to get this to work.


Please, I don't want an app as this is the only thing that she will need, 1 single personalization upcharge, kind of like doing a gift wrap option in the cart that I have seen on so many posts. I can't justify a monthly charge for 1 single upcharge option that's a simple if then else loop.


To view one of her products to get an idea, go here:


For aesthetics, I also can't remember how to get the text box and the drop down menus to be the same length as the add to cart button.


Also, randomly, the dynamic payment button does not show up on desktop computers.  On the laptop I am typing this from, I am using FireFox with Windows 10, latest update and it does not show.  My wife's laptop, also Windows 10 with the latest update of FireFox and it shows up.  All phones I have tested on and it's fine, android and iPhone.  So, I'm just curious if something changed in the last couple of weeks that is making it not show up with certain browsers for desktops.


Thank you!!!



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Hi @sharpie9701 

Molly here from AvisPlus Product Options. Our free app can help you put that customization field on the product page. You don't have to pay any charge for the app at all. I've also seen your demo and our app is a super good fit ^^: 

By using a feature called "Conditional Logic", only when customers click on Custom size, they will see the form to fill in their wanted size note.
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Hi! I see that you figured out how to put the personalization option with a click box. May I ask how you wound up doing it? I am in this exact scenario!

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Hi @alicorrig,

You can easily implement a checkbox feature on your products using the Easify Product Options app (Free plan available 🤗). Here's a brief guide to help you get started:

  • Begin by installing the app and creating an option set:



  • Add the Checkbox option type, or explore the 25 different option display types available within the app. Customize your option details as needed.




  • Select the specific product to which you want to add the personalization checkbox option, and that's all there is to it 😊!


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