How to begin with dropshipping on Shopify?

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Hello I'm new here and I hope if we could talks about dropshiping, and i like to take some advices from you 


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Hello @Rehamnia 
Here are some of the basic tips to follow to build your dropshipping business successfully.

  • The reputation of your business will suffer unless you can convince the supplier to change (unlikely). You should probably start looking for another supplier if this is the case.
  • In order to limit the number of out-of-stock items you sell, you must properly manage inventory across your suppliers and distributors. You can sync inventory on your Shopify store using apps like DuoPlane and Syncee or a web-based service like Ordoro.
  • You'll inevitably have to deal with customer orders you can't fulfill despite your best efforts. Instead of telling the customer the item is out of stock, offer a complimentary upgrade to a similar-but-better item. It is likely that your customer will be delighted, and you will be able to retain their business.

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Welcome! I'm sure you'll find lots of great advice in this community. You can search for the topic you're interested in or ask a specific question.