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How to bring more traffic and sales to my website?

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Hi everyone,

I launched 2 weeks ago my website:

I find it difficult to bring people to my website and make sales, I just made 2 sales so far knowing that I paid 2 influencers to talk about my products, and I feel that it was a waste of money, also facebook ads just don't work for me, and I see people with thousand of visitos!! How do you do it?? Help I don't want to give up because this is litterally my dream!

Thank you! 

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Hey @imraqueen,

"True efforts always get good results"

You should check this guide, I think it would be helpful to you: Before you spend $$$$ on ads, make sure your store looks professional and trustworthy!

All the best!

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Hi @imraqueen,

first of all, congratulations on launching your store!

Getting relevant traffic and sales will take some time — your store was launched two weeks ago. So be patient!

However, there are more ways how you can generate traffic and sales (both short and long term).

Short term:

- Paid ads: Google, Facebook, Pinterest…If you have tried FB ads, it depends very much on the settings — objective, audience, placements, ad formats and else. Some testing will be needed what works best and it will take some weeks before you find the optimal settings.

- Some promo codes for % discount on first sale.

- Social media (organic)

- Influencers (as you mentioned) - again, depends on the deal

Long term

- SEO (linkbuilding, content marketing)

- Cooperation with some interesting businesess

- Attending relevant events

- and many others…

If you would like to discuss the ways and overal strategy and tactics, feel free to contact me!

Send me a link to your store to and I'll help you out.
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