how to build large draft orders with many line items without breaking shopify

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We have a b2b wholesale supply company and we are building custom orders for our customers. Currently we use the draft order feature to do so but it seems that once we get to a large quantity of line items the functionality becomes very slow and glitchy. We're seeing issues such as: deleted line items repopulating, inventory quantity  adjustments reverting after updating, and overall very slow functionality. For reference an order i'm working on right now likely has around 100 line items. 


I spoke with one app who said they will likely have the same processing issues i'm currently facing. Is there any solution to this through a 3rd party app? I can't be the whole wholesaler processing and building large orders. 


Thank you

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Can I ask you if you can make a loom video explaining the issue with bit more details if its not too much trouble?

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