How to cancel account? I can't log in or select a store, so chat bot won't connect me

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I attempted to sign up for a shopify account tonight for my new business. After creating the account, signing up for a plan, and entering my credit card information, I attempted to purchase a domain name. I kept getting an error message that said I need to enter my billing information first. 

I tried logging out and logging back in to see if that fixed the issue, but now I can't even log in. I am getting a screen that tells me to pick my store but no stores load.
I tried creating a new store just so I could get to where the settings are, and I kept getting a 500 error message.
I tried to contact support but was only given the option of speaking to a chat bot. The chat bot would not connect me with a live human unless I selected my store. When I attempt to select a store via the link, I get another 500 error.
At this point I'm going to use a different service that isn't so buggy & has real support. I realize Shopify has beefy e-commerce tools but if it's this hard just to log in it's a red flag for me.  I want to cancel my account, but the chat bot says I have to log in to cancel it. I can't log in, chat bot won't connect me to a human unless I select a store, and I can't select a store without getting a 500 error. How do I get ahold of a human? I tried emailing the support email but it bounced back saying they no longer check the support email. Do I just have to wait until the bill my credit card and then dispute the charge?
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Hi, @iwanttoquit.


Thanks for reaching out here about your concerns.


Is it possible that you may have created your Shopify account with a different login or email address, which is why you're not seeing the store on the account that you recently logged into?
This is often the case for users with multiple email addresses, so if you suspect this could be the case for you too, you can use this tool in order to locate your store. Once you've navigated to the Forgot Your Store tool, enter your email address and an automatic email will be sent to that address with the URLs of any associated Shopify stores. You can repeat this process for all the different email addresses you have, in order to help locate which email address your store is attached to.
If you're still unable to locate the store on your end however, please contact our live support team so that we can further assist. I see you mentioned that you've attempted to do this on your end, and are having issues with the chat assistant. Can you please try navigating to the Help Center again, this time using incognito or private mode on your browser, and type contact support in the chat box? You might also want to consider using a different browser or device altogether, to further troubleshoot in case you're still running into the same errors as last time.
To get in touch with support, the chat assistant will guide you to select a store for authentication purposes, however if you still can't locate your store you can reply to the chat with I still need help. From there, wait until the chat assistant replies to you with an Account Support link — you may have to reply to the chat assistant with other prompts, like I can't login or I don't have a store before it presents you with that link. Once it does however, you can click on it and you'll be able to be connected with one of our live support team members for further assistance.

Kimi | Social Care @ Shopify 
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