how to change font of heading2/heading3/heading4 etc...

how to change font of heading2/heading3/heading4 etc...

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Hello everyone (sorry if my english is not perfect, it is not my nativ language). 


I am struggling with fonts in the description of product, or in text paragraph. I would like to put some of the words of certain paragraph into Heading 2 / Heading 3 (for SEO reasons). 


But I have 2 problems. 

1. When I choose the some words in the paragraph -> it changes the font whole paragraph. Impossible to  have only a few words in heading2 then paragraph... etc.... Is it possible in the paragraph editor to choose only a few words as Heading 2, then paragraph, then Heading 3 etc...


2. Where can you choose, adapt, change the fonts /size/ etc... of these Heading 2/ Heading 3 for paragraph in product description for example etc... I went into my preferences of my theme, but you only are able to choose font from Heading 1 


Is it compulsory to go through code editing to do these ? 


Thank you so much to all, 

best regards, 

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