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How to change our domain name without affecting SEO

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I would like to change my domain name and not affect my SEO.

But I can't find any resources for this properly on Shopify.

Especially for things like 301 redirects etc. How does it work so that all the pages don't get confused with the old ones?

Is there any need to use the redirect option or anything like that?

If it's possible to have the most possible steps to do this well, it would be very nice.

Thank you.

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I think you can try the change of address tool provided by google search console:


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I would hire an SEO consultant to check your exact situation and give their advice, but top of my head here are some steps I would do:


1. Contact your domain registrar to see if you can forward all requests to the old domain to the new domain (ideally matching the sub folders / exact url ending, but if not that then forward to the new domain's home page).


2. Identify all backlinks using Google Search Console, then update those backlinks (or on 3rd party sites, request to update the link) so that the link is fresh, pointing to your new site.


3. This is a good time to upgrade your 404 error page, for example add some messaging and/or carousels with popular products.


4. After the change, resubmit your sitemap in Google Search Console (

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Hi, thanks for your answer,

1. If I use Shopify how does it work. Because I don't know if I need to do something like this if the redirects are automatic or not.

2. Same for this step if the redirects are good, but it is still useful.

That's why I would like to have information about 301 redirects as it's the most important thing I think.

That I am sure to do it well with Shopify.