How to change the fulfillment status to "In progress"

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Hey Shopify team! 


Can API change the fulfillment status from "Unfulfilled" to "In progress"?



This is my current workflow


1. Get the order information to get the fulfillment order ID (Current status Unfulfilled)

2. Create a new fulfillment order where the default fulfillment status is "success" and mark the fulfillment order status as "Fulfilled".


I don't know it this could be an API issue since no matter what status I send in the request data, it always marks the status as "success".


In previous versions, I could call the endpoint to open the fulfillment; however, this one was removed.




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Hmm not seeing Unfulfilled. These are the fulfillment statuses I'm seeing in the API. Maybe pending would work?

Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 3.41.37 PM.png

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Hey Kalen


The Unfulfilled status is shown in the admin dashboard under the option orders. So, when I create a fulfillment with the status open or pending, it doesn't work; it always sets the status as success, which marks the order as Fulfilled in the admin dashboard under the option orders.


How do I change the fulfillment status from API and see the 'In progress' status in the admin dashboard?

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I have same issue, when I create fulfillment from fulfillmentOrder, that fulfillment always being success, and order status is always fulfilled so merchant can't request reject order anymore. I can't find any solution at the Admin api doc, is there any solution?

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You change this in setting and then checkout, and scroll down until you see where it says "order processing" and change it to how you want it there.