how to change the units from lbs to grams on bulk editor

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I'm trying to add weights to make shipping calculations easier - I have 100s of products, each with a dozen or so variations each. It's not a task I'm looking forward to. 

Despite my shop settings being on the metric system, the shopify bulk editor is defaulting to lbs, not grams - this means that in addition to having to manually add the weight to 1000s of listings, i have to click the drop-down menu to change the weight each and every time. 

How can I change it so I'm not having to manually choose grams every time?





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Hey @jhbh2

This is Finley from the Social Care team at Shopify.

Thanks for your question!

From my understanding, you need to update the weight unit of your products from pounds to grams, and there are quite a few to update.

If you've updated your weight unit in your Shopify Admin > Settings > General > Standards and formats > Default weight unit to grams recently, then you should notice that when you add a new product, the weight is in grams by default.

However, when you change your default weight unit, this does not automatically update all the weights of the products you've already created, so you would need to update these yourself.

I completely understand that you'd want to do this the best way possible with the many products that you have.

The best way would indeed be through the bulk editor or with a CSV file.

Using the bulk editor

With the bulk editor, you can use the shortcuts shown here to make the process much faster!

My favorite shortcut to use when I'm editing every product in the bulk editor is to select multiple adjacent cells with your mouse.

To use this shortcut, you would:

1) Select a cell
2) Hold the shift key and click another cell in the same column.
3) All cells in between the two cells, will be selected. Any changes made to one cell will change the others like so:



In the example above, I've only switched the weight unit, but you can use this for text and numbers too.

Using a CSV file

Similarly, you can edit in bulk using a CSV file.

To do this, you'll want to export your products from your Shopify admin.

Once exported, you can edit your Variant weight unit column in your CSV file.

Once the changes are complete, you can import the CSV into your Shopify admin to update your products with its new changes.

I do hope this helped clarify things, however, please do let me know if I can explain any of these points further! I'm happy to help wherever I can.


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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For some unknown reason the weight of products are being switched to grams. I have the store set up so that it should be in pounds. I've adjusted the weight on multiple products and when someone orders the product, it switches back to grams. This is a MAJOR issue. If someone wants to expedite shipping, they will leave our store and shop elsewhere. It is currently showing 92.59 lbs for a product that should only weigh 16 lbs. I've personally updated the weight of this product days ago only to have it switch back. We are going to lose business over this. Get rid of grams if the weight in the "settings" area is set to pounds.

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it is now February 21 of 2024 and this issue importing pounds resets to grams is still an issue. unbelievable shopify! how can you think this is acceptable? my client has 4000+ products. what is your solution?


btw - be careful importing weights. if you have already setup variants in products we experienced over 300 product variants getting deleted. so not confident with shopify's advice. have spent hours and lots of money fixing those with drop downs.


not happy

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Is there a way to add custom units like dozen, ml, l, etc.?

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This is not the behaviour I'm experiencing. When I select multiple cells as soon as I select the cell to make a change they all deselect. How do you change the unit without the cells deselecting?

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If you've updated your weight unit in your Shopify Admin > Settings > General > Standards and formats > Default weight unit to grams recently, then you should notice that when you add a new product, the weight is in grams by default.

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Hi! Maybe I should start a new thread. But my question is can I add custom
measurements like Liter or ml?