How to check when the Shopify Website was launched/created?

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What is the easiest way to check when the website was first launched or created? I have had a look through the settings etc. and haven't found the date anywhere as of now. 



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Hi, @LSAccounting.


Thanks for reaching out and posting to the Shopify community!


After doing some digging on my end, I was not able to locate a section within the Shopify admin to find the shop creation date.


However, I did find this community post dated last year that shares the API code to input in order to find the shop creation date. If you're comfortable inputting this code, you can follow the steps in the post. If not, I recommend looking into hiring an expert to help you add this code.


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This answer is helpful, but the answer it links to is no longer accessible. I found similar instructions here on Stack Overflow, which I'll copy below in case this link also disappears.


you can check the same using the REST API endpoint shop
you need to make a `GET` request using API to get the data about the shop.

This is the sample request code:

GET /admin/api/2021-01/shop.json


and here is the same request the contains the data about shop creation along with other data.

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LOL, I was looking at this again and realized that this answer is WAAAAY overcomplicated. 🙈


All you need is to log into your store admin, then go to this URL:

The created date will be right there in the shop.json object as "created_at".

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This is the other side of ridiculous. Why so hard???? It's just a date. It should be easier than this. (Insert eye-roll here.)