How to connect brand new and used product on the same page?

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Hello! I'm planning to sell both used and new products on my website.

I'm considering how to combine a used and new product named X on the same page.

I thought the best way would be to provide an option on the product page to choose between categories: New and Used. Upon clicking the "New" button, additional categories with sizes, for example, from S to XL, would be displayed.

Dealing with used items presents a bigger challenge. Upon clicking the "Used" button, the available sizes from S to XL would be displayed (similarly to new items). However, when clicking on size S, I would like the customer to have the option to see the condition of the used item (approximately 6 photos).

Does Shopify allow for such functionality? How to solve this? If it's difficult to implement, is there perhaps an application that assists with such functionality?

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