How to contact a seller on Shopify with delayed shipping issues?

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Hi all, 


Wanted to ask everyone on the process of contacting a seller via shopify. 


Basically, I've ordered something and it's been 4 weeks with extremely delayed shipping despite claims of fast shipping, and the customer service have been non existent, and there may be an issue with the refund process as it is likely I won't get a reply. 


Tried contacting the store via shopify in order to prompt a response via the buyer issues link but I keep getting a notification saying it has to be over 30 days (it is already more than 30 days). How do I know if the message has been sent through to shopify, do I get an acknowledgement of receipt?


Please let me know what would be the best course of action.


Thank you. 

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Hi, @TonyT00. Thank you for sharing all of those details. I'm happy to share some information to help you out.


There wouldn't be a way to contact an online store through Shopify. Each business that uses Shopify is an independent business and for support you would need to contact them directly. This guide lists some ways you can get in contact with a store about an order. If it's been over 4 weeks and you haven't received your order, or a response from the store, I'd then recommend you speak with the bank or credit card company you used for your purchase. They often have systems in place to help with situations like this. 


If you are using the buyer issues form and seeing an error that you can't submit it due to the order not being over 30 days old, this means we have not received the form. This form is typically accurate so I'd recommend double checking that the order is over 30 days old. Also for context, Shopify doesn't respond to any of these reports and can't disclose the results of any reviews done. The form is there so that Shopify can receive the information necessary to look into whether this order is happening through a business using Shopify, and whether the store is violating any of Shopify's policies, if it using Shopify. The form will also send a copy of your report to the store you ordered from so they can help you with your issue. 


Happy to help if you have any questions!

Erin | Shopify 
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