How to create a fixed priced bundle deal for items of various values?

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Hi there, we are have been trying to create the most simple of tasks. Previously when we had our woocommerce store we were able to create this in about 30 seconds, but for some reason it's impossible in Shopify.


We want to offer a deal where a customer can add any 2 t-shirts to their cart and the total for the items will be $80.

The issue is have t-shirts that are all different prices, $45, $50, $55, etc.


But we want our customer to have to choice to select any priced t-shirt and if they buy any 2 the discounted price will be $80.


Now I've spoken with Shopify live chat maybe 10 times and they all give me the same suggested apps which do NOT do what I am asking. I want to create a fixed price promotion, not a % off discount, not a fixed amount off discount. There is a difference and nobody in Shopify can seem to understand the difference.


It blows my mind at how poor shopify's discount and promotion features are. For the leaders of ecommerce hosting it simply isn't good enough.


If anyone can't kindly steer me in the right direction that would be much appreciated!



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Hi @Bandsome,


This is Jun from Bundle Kit


You might need to use a bundle app like ours, however, you would need to bundle all of the different t-shirts together to "force" your customers to select two different t-shirts for a discount price of $80.


If this sounds ideal to you, here's what you can do:


Create a dummy bundle product in Shopify. You can name the product "Discounted Two T-Shirts" or however you want.


Under 'Options', you can do the following:

Option name 1: T-shirt 1
Option values: All t-shirts


Option name 2: T-shirt 2 

Option values: All t-shirts


Using our app, convert this into a bundle. We have step-by-step instructions here:


There's also a screenshot at the bottom of the page that shows how the bundle looks like.


The bundle inventory is automatically set based on the available inventories of the bundle item(s), including the inventories of the variants.


Proper quantity will also be taken out of the inventory of each bundle that is being purchased.


Here's a link on how to set up the fixed discounted price of $80:


If you'd like to have "Sale" displayed, you may consider following this guide:


Let us know if you have any questions. 

Bundle Kit enables businesses to easily build product kits, sync inventory of bundle and bundled products sold, and fulfill bundle orders.

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This is also exactly what we need, but no one knows how to do it