How to create a info@ emailaddress

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Hi guys,


I need some help here, how do I create a info@ emailaddress for a professional look.


Help a girl out here! Thanks in advance 

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Hi Nahima :)

You have a couple of options for creating a professional looking email address.

Firstly, you'll need a domain for your store. Once you have that set-up you can decide if you want to go the email forwarding route or the email hosting route. 

Email fowarding gives you a professional email address with your domain that allows anyone to send an email to your desired address and the email will be forewarded to another email account like a Gmail, for example. It doesn't have it's own dedicated inbox though, and so sending out emails will still be under the address you are sending from.

For email forwarding, if you bought your domain through Shopify you can follow this guide:

If you bought a third-party domain, you can check out this guide:

If you want a dedicated inbox & to be able to send & receive with your professional looking email address, you will need to set-up email hosting. Your domain provider might offer email hosting, but if not, you can use Zoho or Google. :)

I hope this helps you out!


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I have a similar problem - owning a third party domain and wanting to point it to Shopify BUT leave my current third party domain email address exactly as it is without any forwarding. How can that be done? I'm on UK2.

Your guides on this are not clear and I can understand why people seem confused. 

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Changing your domain to point to shopify and the email are two totally separate things. If you follow the guide for changing the domain then the email will work fine in the way it always has as it doesn't change the settings for that.

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The above comment by Kraken is correct.

To change the domain to point to Shopify requires just a change of the ip address in the A record.  The email will continue to work as before so long as you don't change the MX record - which points mail to the mail server. Best to get a Shopify developer to help if you're confused.

Shopped email offer Shopify email hosting.

We (Liquify) offer Shopify development & can do advanced DNS changes.  Just ask our Shopify developers

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Hey Nahima,

For future people in this thread who haven't setup their info@ email, I'd like to share some stats we gathered from

Gorgias Shopify support app

The five most used handles we're seeing are:
- support@
- ticket@
- help@
- hello@
- hi@

This might help you adjust your handle so customers can reach out more easily and know what this email is about.

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 4.55.30 PM.png

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Find a good email service provider and change the MX records for your domain

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You should think of these things as totally separate:

  1. Shopify website 
    This is hosting and your monthly subscription cost to Shopify
  2. Domain name registration
    This is the domain name itself, often paid yearly. Can be with Shopify. More often in my experience to see domains registered with 3rd party providers though.
  3. Domain Name System
    This is often (but not always) attached to the domain and managed by the company who does the domain name registration.
  4. Email service 
    This has to be with a 3rd party as Shopify doesn't provide email. 

Shopify might control just (1) or (1-3), depends on your setup, either is normal. Or you may have (1-4) separately managed by different companies, or you might have (1) with shopify and (2-3) with another company, and (4) with an email service provider.

Personally I like to each with 4x separate companies as I don't like all my eggs in one basket when it comes to billing issues taking everything offline, which having worked at a web-hosting company is more common than you would think.

Whatever the case may be, you just need to either find out if you have an email service provider (4) setup. If not set one up, and change your DNS settings to point at the email service. Technically this will entail MX records being saved into the DNS settings for your domain. 

If you don't already have email service attached to your domain, then I would typically recommend getting G Suite or Office365 for business. They are both pretty good at providing phone support to get you connected (but still a bit techy).

Most IT companies should be able to help you get email like G Suite / O365 setup - could be worth getting them to help you out, as the level of support from email service providers is often limited to basic technical assistance, not hand-holding.

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