How to create a made to order item with a not defined price

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hello! I am starting my Shopify store but I have no clue on how to do this. I create digital personalized pet portraits that are made to order. It’s something like this: The client decide which kind of illustration he wants, send me a picture or some pictures, I’ll define a price (usually within a price range) according to the difficult of the process, then client place the order, and then I do the illustration and deliver as a digital file within a couple of days. No physical product. But a custom one that varies on difficulty as it varies on price. 

is it possible? I am very confused on how this works, and I can’t seem to figure it out. 

any help is appreciated 

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There's no way to make a product with multiple prices, since everyone on the internet looking at your store will see the same price.


The way to get around this is usually to make sub-products and add them together.  However, in your case it might make sense to make a unique product for each user.  


For example, you have 1 product on your site that has a price range or just says price varies and when someone requests it, you create a product with their price to send specifically to that person for them to buy.

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Hello @JessikaLisboa  👋,  there's different ways to view this and implement bespoke products on shopify keeping in mind shopify's paradigm was not built for that purpose.

It can be saner to abstract things to set priced product|variant|options, or collect a maximum then issue a refund for the differences in difficulty though that can give a different feel to the customer journey for something like art /shrug. 


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RFQ - Customers fill out a form with uploads and you send them a draft order to collect payment.

 If the customer cannot be left to their own devices in choosing pricing, or if you have no predefined prices such as making a product with options like "canvas size", "paint type" etc, or more abstract concepts like a variant option for "complexity" then you probably need to go the route of Request  for Proposal/Quote apps or customization to a contact form to collect the info you need. 

Alternates: A) Is have a deposit product or a consulting fee product to which you use line item properties to collect the needed customer info and have them go through checkout at least once. 

B)During customer sign up collect additional info 


Dynamic drafts - if you do have some formula by which a price can be established script an app like usemechanic to generate a draft order on the fly and redirect the customer on the website to that draft orders checkout or email them.

Good for when variants|options aren't the right fit to represent your product process but you need to give a cost to the customer on the frontend without you having to manually go over every submission. 


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Hi @JessikaLisboa,


You can consider using the Easify Product Options app to create your custom product first. This app enables you to integrate a file upload section into your product page, and also customize your "Add to Cart" button to display as "Request a Quote" 😊. Keeping in mind not to set a fixed price for this initial product.

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Once customers place their order, use their requests to create a new product with your determined price. To streamline the process, leverage the free Shopify Digital Downloads app. Attach the final digital file to the new product and dispatch it to customers via email. This way, they can easily place the order, make the payment, and promptly download the file.

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