How to create a multiple gift-wrapping system

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I am trying to create a multiple gift-wrapping system for I cannot find a appropriate application meets my needs.

I added three kinds of gift-wrapping products to my shop, and now trying to use /cart/add.js and /cart/change.js to add or delete the gift-wrapping items when customer changed their choices of gift-wrappings. However, this did not function well.

The logic I have written in the JavaScript is clear all the gift-wrapping items in the cart with /cart/change.js, and then add the gift-wrapping item selected by customer dynamically.

I am quite confused whether the manner is correct or not.

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Have you found a solution to this problem?

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Helloo, does someone has an aswer to this? We're algo trying to set multiple gift wrapping options, still can't find an app that meet our needs