How to create beautiful "lifestyle" pictures for my product?

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I noticed that adding nice "lifestyle" pictures of my product was considerably increasing sales.

But, the main issue is that it is very costly to generate them because you need to go through a photoshoot. 

Is anyone experiencing the same issue? Did you try to do it over photoshop? 


I am working on an idea to generate high-quality lifestyle pictures through artificial intelligence. If you are interested to discuss it, drop a comment or send me an email at



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Hi @nabtoumi,


The Pixc: Lifestyle Photos app will be a helpful tool for this. It can transform your product photos into vibrant lifestyle shots. You can give your products eye-catching backgrounds so your customers can see how your products are in real-life settings. It can boost engagement and potentially lead to more sales.


Feel free to give it a try and see the difference it makes. You can get 5 bonus images to test it out on your store. 


Give us a heads-up at if you need any assistance. 




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