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How to create custom giftboxes/product bundles on dawn theme

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I'm trying to build 'custom' giftboxes/bundles in my shopify store. 

We have 3 product types that go in the giftboxes, and customers would have to be able to decide which + how many of each of these product types + which variants go into their specific box. The price should adapt automatically to the combined price of the products (ideally with a 10% volume discount) and inventory should ideally synchronise across the platform.

For example: imagine 3 products 1) tea EUR10 (2 variations - a. bitter b. sweet) 2) pillow case EUR45 (3 variations - a. red b. blue c. yellow) 3) spray EUR15 ==> I ideally would want one 'Custom giftbox' product where customers can make different combinations, f.e. customer A could pick a giftbox with both tea variations and a pillow case in blue color. combined price would be EUR65, but due to the fact that it's a giftbox it's EUR60; customer B can pick a completely differently composed giftbox from the same product page, f.e. 2 white pillowcases, a blue pillow case and a spray. combined price would be EUR150, but only EUR135 due to gift box discount. And so on (you get the point).

All these products are also being sold separately, and inventory should be automatically adjusted once a gift box/separate product is sold.


Is there any way to do this? 

Any way to code this?

Any apps that can do this (ideally with free plans?)


Thank you for the help.



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I think my app, BYOB can be a good match. Our bundle can support buying any 3 items from specific products, paying a discounted price. 


After the order is paid, individual items are added so that the inventory quantities are updated. 


We do offer a free plan. Feel free to try our app and let me know if it's good for you.

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HI, Can your app support more than 3 items? I need a app that will allow my customers to purchase a item that they can then custom select the 10 items in the bundle from say a choice of 20 products.