How to deal with customers claiming missing items in delivered packages?

How to deal with customers claiming missing items in delivered packages?

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Shipped a package to Canada, customer received it today and said the item, a single tiny (1" tall) photograph, was not in the package. The sale price was $450.00, and I insured it through Shopify third party insurance.

I don't know if the customer lost it while opening the package, or if the post office stole it... I hate how customs forms stupidly advertise the value right on the outside of the package for anybody to see.  One thing I am 100% sure about is that the photo was in the package when I mailed it, securely sealed in a plastic bag, and the package was securely sealed closed.....

Another concern is that he really received it and is trying to scam me... that wouldn't be my first thought but he also complained about having to pay customs fees, and wants me to refund those as well... 

I asked him to send pics and asked if the package looked like it had been opened or tampered with, since he made no mention of that in his message.. still waiting on those.

Any advice on how I should handle this? I've never had this issue before. Would insurance cover the loss, if it shows delivered?

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You can try filing a claim with the shipping provider (CanadaPost/USPS, UPS, FedEx), potentially carriers might have a record of package weight once the package has been accepted in the postal system.

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Hi @JackMord,

It is better to connect with your shipping service provider regarding this. And another important aspect is to set insurance value for your packages. If you take up parcel insurance, you can save yourself the headache by delegating the responsibility of protecting your shipment under the insurer. Now, most of the shipping solutions are making it easy to provide insurance for the shipped items. 

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