How to deduct the incoming inventory by weight

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I’m looking for a better solution to manage tea inventory. We order tea by weight and pack the teas into different weights.
For example: We order 10kg red tea and pack the tea into a 100g bag and a 15g sample bag. I have to update the incoming inventory to 100g bags x100. When we sell 15g sample bag x10, I have to adjust the inventory manually. I’m looking for a tool that can deduct the inventory automatically. If I sell 100g bag x10 and 15g sample bag x10, the remaining inventory should be 8kg and 850g
Is there any function or app I can use to deduct by weight instead of the quantity?

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Hi @Ting89 

We recently released Fusion Inventory which is designed to handle your use case. The app will allow you to track how many grams of Red Tea you have and how many grams of Red Tea each product sale should deduct. You would do this by configuring materials and bill of materials as follows:



NameQuantityUnit of Measure
Red Tea10,000Grams
Black Tea8,000Grams


Bill of Materials for "Red Tea - Sample":

Red Tea15


Bill of Materials for "Black Tea - Normal":

Black Tea100


After Inventory Sync is enabled, the app will take care of syncing your inventory of product variants to Shopify after each order is placed/cancelled or when new materials are added or deducted.


Feel free to reach out for any questions, feedback or suggestions for new features. We'll be constantly making improvements to the app.

I can be reached at aosoble[AT]