How to edit carrier details ?

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I would like to bring a basic design flaw in Shopify to the developers. If a store owner wants to add additional carriers to his store or use a carrier which is not listed in Shopify, he has only one option. That is to choose "Other" as carrier name and enter tracking URL each time. This is highly time consuming and is a basic design flaw. 

For example, None of the Indian carriers such as FedEx India,India Post,Bluedart etc are in the list and we can not add them on our own. Due to this our precious time is being wasted in entering tracking URL for each order. Additionally, the customer gets to see something like "Your order has been dispatched via "Other" and the tracking number is 123456789.

Come on developers, how you guys could miss a basic feature like this ?.

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Answering for the benefit of others with similar queries.


You can use the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app that will automatically fulfill the orders along with the tracking number of the carrier you have used. When you print the label using the app, tracking number for the order is generated, which is sent to the customer via email.

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Indian shipping carriers like FedEx India, BlueDart, Delhivery can be used to ship using Shopify using the app Multi Carrier Shipping label app. This app can not just be used for tracking but also showing rates, generating labels, generating manifests, etc. Since all functionalities can be achieved in a single solution, the solution can be provided correctly with the app.

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Yeah we can use that, but this is another cost to add in our expenses, once that features suppose to be easy to manage in our store. Shame

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I do not want use third party app when i already pay high monthly fee. This basic things must be include for Shopify. How unprofessional mu shop looks when the trackings are messy. Example to edit the shipping carrier names and inks when they not offer correct one in my country or i can not add 2 or more tracking codes for one item when the product is packed in multiple parcel. Or when i there is example 3 different products and i want fullfill them all i can not do that in one notifications but i need send 3 tracking emails to customer. All these are basic things what should be include for all the plans and no need pay third party app. This is just because they are greedy and want more money. Then my website is very slow because there is 50 different app to run basic website store normally. This is a big joke. 2 year we used and nothing has changed.